Santa's Workout

Puzzle, released 2010

Screenshot Santa's Workout is a puzzlegame with 60 brainteasing puzzles. Gameplay is easy and for all ages of people, from childrens to grandparents.

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Casino Islands

Puzzle, released 2009

Screenshot Casino Islands is 3D-puzzle with 32 brainteasing puzzles. This game includes also 3 mini-games.

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Puzzle, released 2008

Screenshot Cityban is a challenging 3D-puzzle. Game contains 80 brainteasing puzzles and four different themes.

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Xmas Special

Platform, released 2008

Screenshot Xmas Special is a traditional 3d-platformer created with powerfull tools and engines.

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Brick Over Islands

Puzzle, released 2004

Screenshot The main objective in this 30 level puzzle game is to push crates together so they form a pattern which is shown on the screen.

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Ball Crazy

Platform/Puzzle, released 2007

Screenshot Ball Crazy is a remake. Originally this game was released in 1987 for Amstrad, Commodore 64 and Spectrum.

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Puzzle, released 2006

Screenshot Viewed from above, the task in each level of X-It is to create a path to walk through to the exit, by moving blocks around a walled arena.

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Shoot'Em Up, released 2006

Screenshot You are at the carnival, and are going to take a chance at the shooting gallery!

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Maze, released 2006

Screenshot Ladybug is a little maze game with some interesting features. You control a ladybug being pursued around a maze by nasty evil bugs.

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Jumping Jackson

Action/Puzzle, released 2004

Screenshot Jackson hops around a game board, picking up records and putting them down on record players. Each record carries one instrument's part of a tune, and as the records are put down, the tune builds up.

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