The main objective in this 30 level puzzle game is to push crates together so they form the pattern which is shown on the screen. On some levels the crates are scattered amongst different islands and you must still push them from one island to another.

Also, there is no jumping from island to island and you cannot swim either or you will drown. You are only allowed 3 restarts for the level and then the game ends.

And to make it more interesting you must complete each level in a certain amount of time, depending upon which puzzle you are solving.

Brick Over Islands is an award winning game in Finnish game development competition.


Jani Parviainen

Jani Parviainen

3D Models
Jani Parviainen

Level Design
Jani Parviainen
Sami Aatela

Music & Sounds
Various free resourcers

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  (version 1.0 - 5,7 Mb - 36275 downloads)



- Windows 98/XP/Vista
- 500 MHz processor
- 256 MB RAM
- DirectX 7.0 or higher